Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Catine stared at Catty.
"Is Toralei up to no good, again??" Catty asked
"My readings say yes." Catrine replied.
"Time for the super cats!!"  Catty said. Catty got up and walked across the room. One swirling blaze of light and she became one beautiful were cat.
"Wait!! Where on Earth is Neon and Purrfect??" Catrine asked.
"I have no idea." Catty replied.
"Hi!!" Neon said, just rushing in. "Sorry! I was filling an application out for Were Cat High!"
"Yea! I bet it will be much better than Monster Academy!!" Purrfect said.
"I feel bad for being late." Neon said. "I was trying to find my tail, too."
"It's okay. Wait...You lost your TAIL??" Catty said.
"Yea!" Neon said.
"Your a were cat!!! How on Earth do you lose a tail???!!!!! It's supposed to be attached to your butt!!" Catty yelped.
"Well, the tail is not attached to my butt so i must have misplaced it." Neon said, shaking her butt at Catty and Catrine.
"I'm going to go puke now." Said Catrine.
"I HAVE a tail, I just cannot find it at the moment." Neon said.
"Every were cat has a tail." Catty said.
"Okay! Done with that!!!!! That was GROSS! Now let's go get Toralei and her bad Kitties!" Catrine said.
"Okay!!" everyone agreed.
"Cousin Toralei is always up to no good." Catrine said.
"Toralei is your cousin???!!!" Catty asked.
"Sadly, yes." Catrine looked at the ground.
"How???!!!" Neon asked.
"The glove. Toralei has one, too. It bonds us together, forever. It was put on my hand at my sixth birthday. And Toralei and me never asked to be bonded together, forever!" Catrine stared at her glove." Catrine said. "But there's no way to take it off."
"I don't like that!!!" Purrfect said.
"At least you can find your tail." Neon said, looking at Purrfect.
"Forget that!! Just, let's go to the cat car!!!" Purrfect said. The 4 were cats rushed to the cat car. Neon hopped into the driver's seat and started it.
"Look out!!!!!!!!" Purrfect yelled from the back of the car. Neon swerved the car to the left. The other 3 were cats were bouncing off the walls.
"Remind me never to let you drive, ever again." Purrfect said, her eyes were dizzy.
"Sorry. I have not taken Driver's Ed. yet." Neon said.
"Okay. Remind me never to let you drive this car again unless you take Driver's Ed." Purrfect said. Her eyes were still very dizzy.
"Whatever! Can we go get coffee? The 'Cat Coffee' is right there." Neon said.
"No." Purrfect said.
"So where are they?" Catrine asked.
"Ummmmm.......They are like 2 miles away." Purrfect said
"Great. Yea, right. I guess we have to walk since someone crashed the car!" Purrfect said.
"Sorry." Neon shrugged.
"My eyes are still wiggling and being dizzy inside my head!" Purrfect said. She tried to grab Neon and pelt her with nuts, instead she ran into a wall. "Oof!" She thought the wall was Neon. The wall and Neon were both neon colored, so she ran into the wall.
"Okay! ENOUGH!!!!!!!" Catrine was on her last nerve. The 2 cats stopped, frozen in their tracks. The cats started walking. Purrfect would run into a wall, car or a pole like every five seconds. Finally, Neon had to help guide Purrfect from running into something.
But Purrfect would sometimes say, "Hands off!" when she was looking at Neon on accident. They finally got to sixth street, where Toralei and her cats were trying to rob a bank.
"The jig is UP, Toralei! We know what you want and your just not going to get IT!" Catrine yelled.
"Forget it. We already have what we want." Purrsephone said. Meowlody and Purrsephone followed Toralei to a roof top. "Catch us, if you CAN!" Toralei screeched. Catrine was up on the roof, but then toppled off. Luckily, Catty had caught her.
"It's not use. We can't chase them. But I do know where they are headed. The old abandoned house on Kitty Street." Catrine said.
"That house? That house give me the shrieks!" Catty said.
"Yea. It was her house before it was abandoned. And, Catty?"
"Yes?" she asked.
"You can put me down, now." Catrine said.
"Sorry." Catty dropped Catrine.
"Owww!" Catrine said, rubbing her head.
"Heh heh, Sorry." Catty said, looking down at Catrine.
"Too bad we have walk." Purrfect said.
"I'm sorry!!!!!!" Neon cried.
"It's okay and we know. Plus that house is like 10 blocks away." Catrine said. They started to enter the country area's. Still houses, far a apart and very few.
"Toralei's hideout is down this road." Catrine pointed.
"Looks creepy." Catty said.
"Scaredy cat." Neon said.
What the cats did not know is that Meowlody and Purrsephone were in the tree's ready for a ambush. Soon enough, coconuts were flying out of the trees.
"What the heck?!" Catty said.
"What on earth!?" Catrine said.
"Don't those cats get there milk from the coconuts?" Catty asked. Catrine nodded. Soon, crocks started flying out of the trees.
"Toralei!!!!!!!!!We know you're behind this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Catrine yelped. Meowlody and Purrsephone hopped out of the trees and ran back to the house. Catrine, Catty, Neon and Purrfect raced after them. Neon tripped.
"Don't leave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Neon yelped and rubbed her bloody knee. Catty ran back to help her. She helped her up. They raced after Catrine and Purrfect. Catrine and Purrfect were chasing Meowlody and Purrsephone. Neon and Catty were chasing Catrine and Purrfect. Catrine got close to the house. She ran up the steps and opened the door.
"Toralei!!!!!!!!!You're in major trouble!!!!!!!!!!" Catrine screamed. Neon walked in behind her.
"Ewwww!!!!!!!!! What is that smell?!" Neon asked. Catrine pointed to a basket of fish.
"I can't take the smell of icky fish anymore!!!!!!!" someone said, they ran out the door. She ran to the hills. Catrine tried to block her, but the skinny lady squeezed by her.
"Was that the maid?" Neon asked. Catty shrugged.
"Dunno." she said. The windows were all dirty. The 2nd floor was not safe because of the thin wood as a floor could break at any second. Toralei appeared from out of the kitchen, eating a doughnut. Catrine was ready to pounce. She tackled Toralei, who was covered in doughnut icing.
"Toralei, your a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!" Catrine yelled. Catrine often thought Toralei was a nightmare, because she was. Catty, Neon and Purrfect tackled Meowlody and Purrsephone. Toralei got up and ran up stairs. when she came down, she slipped and fell down the stairs. It was Catrine's favorite book, she read it like a million times as a kitten. Toralei tossed it into the fire. That was it for Catrine.
"I've had it with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screramed. she started kicking her, punching her and chasing her around. Soon, Catrine had the urge to tie Toralei up. So she did.
"Catrine listen to me!" Torali cried.
"No!" Catrine turned to the door.
"I'm sorry for everything wrong that I did, like kissing your boyfriend. I thought it was worth it, but it was not." Toralei confessed. "Please, forgive me."
"Maybe. What about Meowlody and Purrsephone?" Catrine asked.
"They follow me, no matter what I want them to do. They are loyal." Toralei looked down. "If you forgive me, please untie me." She looked up. Catrine held her under the chin. "I did what was wrong. I'm sorry. Help me redeem the goodness inside of me." Catrine untied Toralei and held out her hand.
"Cousin, take my hand." Catrine said. Toralei grabbed her hand.
"I have something that I would like to return to the bank." Toralei pulled out a big bag of money from her closet. "Will you come with me?"
All the cats walked up to the bank. 
"We are so sorry for taking this." Toralei set the bag on the front desk.
"Why, thank you, young cat." he said. 
Toralei, Meowlody and Purrsephone vowed never to do wrong again, from that day forward. 


Neon  Purrfect is on the right.

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