Sunday, December 15, 2013


"Come on, ghouls. We are gonna have some cat fun!" Toralei protested.
"Toralei? You're Cat Tastrophe?!" Catrine asked. Toralei set the mask down.
"Why, yes. Crafty kitty of chaos! That's me!" Toralei held her head up high.
"Cousin....I don't understand...Why you?" Catrine asked.
"Take a look at your hand. Take a look at mine. We may be cousins, but we are different. I was made for chaos, you were made for other things." Toralei said, holding up Catrine's hand. "I am a villain. I am Toralei! I am a cat, so I do mischief."
"Toralei, come on! Your so better than that!" Catrine said.
"Am I?" She asked. A pack of were cats behind her chuckled. "This is my crew! I'm applying for Were cat high. That's where were cats are taught the were cat ways. Only the best of the best cruelest were cats can get in. You and Catty would so not qualify." The other were cats nodded. "Try Monster Academy. Their all about nice monsters."
"You little piece of hell!" Catrine scolded.
"Get her!" Toralei commanded. They grabbed her and would not let go.
"They are not your pets!"" Catrine explained.
"Oh, but we are." Said one that had pink skin and purple hair and a evil glare in her eye. All the others nodded. "Praise the all powerful, were cat, evil queen!"
"No!" Catrine scolded.
"Please! We know you want to." the purple skinned were cat boy said. Catrine slowly fell into a trance as they chanted the words: "Praise the all powerful, were cat evil queen!" Even Toralei was chanting it.
These were cats are under a spell! And surprisingly it's not Toralei's evil plan and spell. The evil were cat queen must need the spirits of live were cats to reincarnate  herself. So she can't be Toralei. I guess the queen will make these were cats and all were cats (depending on how many were cats she needs) make them her followers. Then planing to wipe out all monsters and normies! Oh, how terrible! Wait.....I feel something. I feel as if I'm happy! Catrine thought. Her eyes started to glow.
"Nnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Catrine said. She collapsed and got up. Evil flowed through her. "Heh heh heh! We have another were cat to catch for the were cat queen!"
"Yes, yes, we do. How do you like the naughtiness, Catrine?" Toralei asked.
"It.......feels.........GREAT!" Catrine evilly smiled. They walked the halls as the evil were cat queen wanted them to. The last cat they needed to turn evil at the school was Catty. They saw Catty in the bathroom.
"Grab her!" Toralei commanded. The cats grabbed her.
"Wha-?!" Catty said. They started chanting right away. "Let go of me, you foolish cats!" She started to fall into a trance.
My name is not Catty. Well, it is. But I mean, it it Catty but it and evil way! I feel happy. Why do I feel so happy? Wait! Praise the all powerful, were cat, evil queen!!!!! Yes, I shall praise you! You have control over me, were cat queen. I shall do as you say. Catty snapped out of the trance, fell, and re-awoke. "I feel...........AWESOME! The were cat queen, I shall serve! I shall help her come back fromt he dead and rule the world!" Catty said. The pack or were cats started out of the school, down the road, into town and into Monster Academy.
"Okay! Now, look for these were cats, hypnotize them and bring them back with you! We shall not leave until we get all of them for our queen!" Toralei commanded. Toralei split her cats into groups. "Praise the were cat queen!"
As they tried to get in, in their groups, someone stopped them. "Only students from Monster Academy allowed on this private school's property." he said.
"We don't care!" Said Toralei.
"Move!" Meowlody said, pushing the guard away. "The were cat queen has given us strength to protect her and us. We are grateful, were cat queen!" The cats filed into the school. All classes were in session. They looked around the classrooms for the were cats. When they found one, they pulled them out of class, hypnotized them, and made them help capture the others.
Back at the were cat queen's death lair, she was monitoring the cats. "Soon I'll be alive again and be able to conquer the world!" she laughed. "Those fools have no idea what's going on! They think they are asleep! And the catch is, they will NEVER wake up! I created Toralei and crafted her into Cat Tastrophe! I created Meowlody and Purrsephone to come into Toralei's life to help her survive. I even was nice enough to let them have their own lives. I only want revenge on the little cat that killed me! I would never had been this mean when I was alive, because I got everything I wanted. But no! Daddy let that little cat kill me! I want revenge on him and that little cat!"
Back at the school, Toralei was having a vision.
There's the were cat queen when she was alive. But she'e young! Wait! Who's that little cat? Is that her younger brother? It is! He's in disguise! He became a conqueror after he left. He wanted to have the kingdom for his own! He..........He.........He killed his older sister when nobody was looking! With a chain sickle! He got her in the back! Then he killed his mother and father! Then, someone killed him from behind! That kingdom is this town but there is no family left! I have to tell the were cat queen!
She awoke from her vision and said, "Cats! If the others return, tell them I'll be back!" She swirled a blinding light and the next thing she knew was that she was in the were cat queen's death lair.
"My queen. I still praise you. But I have something to show you." Toralei took a bubble and placed in front of the queen.
"What is this?" she asked.
"Watch." Toralei replied. "See? Your Dad thought your brother was a poor person, even though he was your brother. He had no idea what was coming next. Neither did you, your Mom, or him. He was killed after he killed the rest of your family."
"A chain sickle? He killed me with that?" she asked.
"Yes. Your Dad did not let him kill you, it was a surprise. You need to stop asking for revenge. Let all of us go and we shall praise you and your family. You need to stop, go be with your family." Toralei said.
"I dunno. I created you, crafted you into Cat Tastrophe and brought Meowlody and Purrsephone into your life. You and your sisters were a plan." She burst into tears. "Is that why even as a ghost, I'm still young?! I want to go home!!!! I want My Daddy and Mommy and I want my brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Go be with them. Set me and my sisters free to live the lives you left us have." Toralei said.
"Okay. I'll set you free. Only because you helped me. Plus, I want to be with my family." She said, drying her tears. "My name is Malala. I never got to be full adult and be the queen of this kingdom. Now I am in hell! I'll always remember you and your sisters.  Good bye." she was lifted out of the depths of hell and into her house. Her house was crumbled. I'll be with my family. I can be reincarnated with my family. She walked around. She saw her family as ghosts (ones that were completely dead) and stayed with them.
When the little cat did that, Toralei was back at her house, holding Catrine's hand.
"What happened?" Catrine asked.
Toralei looked down. She was holding her cousin's hand. "Yuck!!!" she swattwed Catrine's hand away from her's. "Heh heh. Long story." All the other were cats laughed.

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