Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Heath's profile

Heath Burns: Son of the fire Elements
age: 15
Friends: Deuce Gorgon, Clawd Wolf
Freaky Flaw: I have a bit of an impulse/self-control issue, which causes me to accidentally burst into flames at kind of the worst possible moments. My dad also says my attention span is so short that….Hey! What was that?
Favorite food: Ghost Chilis, bro. They’re like candy to the Heathster.
Favorite Activity: I love playing video games, ‘cause I always get to be the hero and if I make a mistake I can just hit the reset button.
Killer Style: I know all the other dudes at MH take their style cues from the Heathster, so I try not to show them up too much. Mostly I keep it casual around the bros. Of course, I have to have my flame-sleeved jacket. The ghouls think it’s hot!
Pet: I’m saving up for a pet dragon. I almost had enough to get one until I had to use the money I’d saved to replace the ice scream machine in the creepateria…don’t ask.
Pet Peeve: When I say, “I got this!” and then I hear another monster say, “Heath! No!” It’s like they totally have no faith in the Heathster.

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