Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Clawdia's profile

Clawdia Wolf: daughter of the were wolf
age: 19
Friends: Clawdeen Wolf, Clawd Wolf and Howleen Wolf
Freaky Flaw: Whenever I think or get nervous I chew. Pencils, pens, paper clips, gum… the corner of my iCoffin. One year Clawdeen got me a manicure for my birthday but on the way home from the nail salon I got an idea for a story, and well, let’s just say little sis was not happy with what I chewed on that day.
Favorite food: I love fangers and mash, roast beast and fish and crypts. I kind of like shepherd’s pie, too…only without the wool.
Favorite Activity: Writing! I write every day ‘cause if you don’t write, you can’t call yourself a writer. One day I hope to be a screamwriter in Hauntlywood!
Killer style: Tribal Prep. I love to mix graphic tribal prints with some scholarly flare and because Londoom is fangsolutely undead with fashion and literary history, both my brain and my wardrobe benefit. To paraphrase Spookspheare, “This is the stuff as screams are made on.”
Pet: I’ve been clawing through all my literary references trying to decide what I should get…maybe I’ll choose an albatross or ooh…a raven.
Pet Peeve: Monsters who ask to borrow my pen. Seriously. I have one pen that I use, I’ve had it forever, and I don’t lend it out. It writes perfectly, and I cannot create without it.

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