Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Bond

My name is Catrine DeMew. I have a cousin named Toralei Stripe.
I was bonded to Toralei with a glove. Our parents called it a "family bond" and told us that we should be friends.
On my sixth birthday, Aunt Stripe's gift was a glove. She called it a "magic glove". She grabbed my hand and slipped the glove on.
"You and Toralei will be together, forever!" she said.
"I don't WANT to bonded to TORALEI!! I would rather be bonded to a shark than my own cousin! I tell you, Toralei is EVIL!!!!!" I said.
"But, you will be together, forever." My Mom said smiling.
"NO!!" I said. I smacked Aunt Stripe's hand away from me. Aunt Stripe stared at me, holding up her throbbing hand.
"It's already ON. It's really hard to to take off." Aunt Stripe said.
"And, you might destroy the bond!!" My Mom said.
I walked off to my room. I flopped onto my bed. 2 minutes later, the came a knock at the door. They invited themselves in.
"You know, I never ASKED to be bonded with YOU." Toralei was sitting next to me.
"I'm SO sorry." I said.
"I know. Your not the only one who feels bad." Toralei said. "Just today, I woke up and here's the glove. A bonding glove."
"Wow. I should have known that YOU were on the same boat as ME." I said.
"Like Mom and Dad always tell us, let's be friends." Toralei was holding out her hand.
"Sure. As long as I am NOT dead before I'm ten." I said, laying back on my bed.
"Trust me, you won't." She patted my head and walked off.
 "I'm going to DIE if I have to stay bonded with her, forever! But maybe some good will come out of it."
I sat up.
My life changed forever, just being bonded to Toralei.

P.S. Meowlody and Purrsephone have gloves, too. They are also "bonded" together, forever because they are twin sister were cats.

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