Sunday, November 17, 2013


Monster's Christmas lists:

Venus  McFlytrap: Green PJ's with matching slippers with leaves on the toes
Frankie Stein: Mythology on Normies book
Clawdeen Wolf: Laser Light heels
Spectra Vondergeist: Wants to be seen better
Draculaura: new earrings
Rochelle Goyle: A pet cage
Lagoona Blue: A normie doll
Operetta: to preform an opera
Cleo De Nile: nothing
Abbey Bominable: something that's not white
Holt Hyde: new head phones
Jackson Jekyll: a pet
Nefera De Nile: new everything
Meowlody: love Toralei
Purrsephone: Love Toralei
Toralei Stripe: to have control over Monster High
C.A. Cupid: Not be a monster
Howleen Wolf: have more friends
Clawd Wolf: not be so hairy
Rebecca steam: new rocket boots
Skelita Calaveras: new skull
Jinafire Long: not be a dragon
Deuce Gorgon: nothing
Ghoulia Yelps: new shirt
Heath Burns: nothing
Catrine DeMew: more art supplies
Gil Webber: something from Lagoona
Gigi Grant: not to be in a Lateran
Catty Noir: be the best singer
Twyla: nothing

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