Friday, November 8, 2013


"Oh my Ghoul! That dress is so cute!" Spectra said as she leaned against a locker.
"I didn't even know ghosts could read or even hold a magazine." Cleo said as she walked by.
"Smh. De Nile people, sheesh." Spectra said as she rolled her eyes. Cleo rolled her eyes and kept walking.
"Hey, Spectra!" Venus said, waving.
"Hey!" Spectra said.
"Is that the latest issue of Teen Earth?!" Venus said, walking over.
"No......It's on sale at the Comic Shack though." Spectra said.
"Okay. Does that Magazine have any Earth friendly trends in it?" Venus asked.
"No. Just Go buy the Earthly Trends, Teen Earth and Earth Friendly magazines." Spectra said as she popped a bubble from her ghostly gum.
"I can't. I'm broke." Venus said.
"Here. Now go buy them." Spectra held out some money.
"Wow! Thanks!" Venus raced off.
"No problem." Spectra said.
"Hey, Spectra!" Rebecca said. "I was just at Comic Shack and bought the new magazine Robot Thrift! I'm about to start reading it! So can I fang with you?"
"Yea, sure! That's very cool!" Spectra said.
"Oh my Ghoul!! That outfit! So Robotic!" Rebecca said.
"Let me see!" Spectra said. "Oh my! It is cute!" Spectra grabbed the magazine and clenched it.
"Hey! You can't grab it away from me!" Rebecca said. Spectra swatted Rebecca with the magazine and flew away. "Sorry." Rebecca looked at the ground and closed her eyes.
"Hey, Rebecca!" Abbey said.
"Oh, hey..." Rebecca replied.
"I got a new comic book. It's called, 'Critical Condition Crisis'. It's a snowy book!" Abbey said
"Cool...I guess." Rebecca was still staring at the floor. "I have to go." With that, Rebecca raced off in tears.
"Okay..............." Abbey grasped her books and walked off. Abbey was looking down when she ran into Rochelle.
"Oh! I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention." Abbey said.
"It's okay." Rochelle patted Abbey's head as she walked past her.
At home, Abbey was looking through her closet.
"Ugh! I have no clothes that are not white!" She yelled.
"You don't need all white clothes, Abbey." Said Abbey's little sister.
"I figured that out, today." Abbey said.
"Here. Take these." her sister said, handing her  a pink outfit.
"Forget it! I'd rather only have white clothes." Abbey said. 
*Venusearth is now online*
*Rebeccas is now online*
*Spectraghost is now online*
*Rochellegoying is now online*
*Opera is now online*
*Cupud is now online*

Venusearth: Hey, Ghouls!!! Party at my house at 7! 
Rebeccas: ehhh idk if i can make it.
Spectraghost: I'm there........-
Rochellegoying: ok
Opera: Whateva
Cupud: K.

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