Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How it Became Of Nefera Hating Cleo

It was a fall day. Nefera, who was excited to have a younger sister, was waiting in the hospital waiting room. Nefera decided she was bored. So she got up and went to the counter.
"Ma'am? Do you have any comfortable chairs? Those are hard as rocks! And, do you know when my sister is dew?" she asked.
"What are you supposed to be?" asked the nurse.
"I'm Nefera! I am rich! Do not make me call my Mummy!" She shouted.
"Little lady, your Mum is having a baby. We do not have any 'comfortable' chairs. Consider those ones." she pointed to the chairs that Nefera had been sitting in, earlier. "I have no idea when your baby sister is due."
As soon as the nurse said that, her Dad came out.
"Do you want to meet your new sister?" he asked.
"Yea!" Nefera darted into the room. "Can we name her Cleo?" she asked.
"I don't see why not." her mother said, holding the baby. Nefera walked up to her sister.
"She looks funny." Nefera said. "She has an egg shaped head!"
"Nefera!" Her mother slapped her bottom. Tears started to stream down Nefera's face. "Okay. Get in the Carriage."  Nefera raced out of that mean place. She hopped into the Carriage like a lightning bolt. They headed home.
"Can I see that?" Nefera asked.
"Yea. Just don't lose any of these papers. They are very important for Cleo's birth." Her mother instructed.
Nefera dug through the papers. She found one that had all the information about Cleo, for when she was born.
"Mummy? Do I have one of these papers?" she asked.
"Why, yes, you do." She handed Nefera her papers.
"I'm completely different!!!" Nefera said.
"Yes. Every baby is different at birth." her Dad said.
Four years later, Nefera was having fun with Cleo.
"What's on your head?" Cleo asked.
"My crown. You will get one when you're as old as me. And when your old enough to take responsibility." Nefera explained.
"Can I try it on?" Cleo asked, reaching for Nefera's head.
"No!" Nefera's quick instinct made her react to her sister by slapping her hand away.
"Mummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Cleo screamed.
"What happened?" Her mother came rushing in.
"Nef-Nef-Nefera hit me!" Cleo finally blurted out.
"Nefera! Go to your room! You have unacceptable behavior....especially to Cleo!" Their Mom shouted. "Cleo is younger than you, respect her." her Dad said.
Nefera then decided: from this day forth, I vow to HATE Cleo! She even wrote it down in her diary. Cleo, who was still sitting on the living room floor, was rubbing her throbbing hand.
"Nefera! I don't like you!" Cleo yapped.
From that day and on, the girls were always getting into fights.

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