Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cleo De Nile

 Cleo De Nile: Daughter of the Mummy.
 Ooh la la!
"Nothing to do except, annoy Nefera!"
Ghouls rule!

 Yay me!
"I'm feeling a little light headed."
 omg so cute!!!!


 "Heh Heh!"

 a lot of Cleo's!

 Notice the dress.....
 on the very left!!!
 Dawn of the Dance!

 Oh la la!

 like the shirt.
 Beautiful drawings.
 I like the skirt.
 looks creepy.
 cute couple.
 Where's Nefera?

 She's kinda lucky.
 "Okay, Cleo."

 "I feel like I'm wearing Nefera's clothes."

"Nice place."
 "Take a seat......."
 Cute dress!!!

 "A big kiss!"

 She's the leader.
 Cute dress.

 Ugly shoes.

 "Cleo!!!!!!!!!!!! Cleo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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