Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catrine's Poem

Catrine DeMew
By Emma Lippincott

Her ability to create art was amazing.
Her ears as straight as could be.
Her eyes as purple as a gloomy day.
Her hair flowing in the wind.
Rain drops fall to the ground
Almost as
Her tears fall from her face,
To hide her past.
Hiding her past from the world.
As her talent grew stronger,
She became weaker,
Longing for a place to go.
Her passion for painting
Was as strong
As a heat wave.
She never had a fear until it
Came to her cousin.
When her cousin comes,
She dares not to step
A foot
Out of the square.
People often thought
She was lonely,
Though she was.
She wanted someone
To speak life.
By the way she looked,
by the way
She was judged,
Everyone left her
People thought
She didn't care.
Her colors,
Her smile,
Her eyes,
Were colors of
A gloomy day.
But her soul
Was as bright
As the sun.
Her secret
Was never
Told to another
Living soul.
Deep down
Inside her,
Hiding in the
She never
It out.
All I know,
Is she was full
Of life.
She was sad
Until her soul said,
"You can be as
Cold as the
Winter weather.
But I don't
As long as
We are
Those words
Spoke life.
Those words
Changed her,

*Original version is in 2nd WNB.*

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