Thursday, October 10, 2013


Torlei is a mean, bitchy, cool, bully type of wear cat or as I like to call just simply a cat.

 "Oh! Here, Torlei has you. Let me help." 
 "My pet is fanged, like me. Beware."
 I'm so different. 
 "I can't say i'm thinking or just admiring my hair." 
 "Huh? Did you say something? To me?"
 "Meow! Meow!"
 "I feel humiliated. I don't get humiliated!"
 "I'm in my comfort of home...."
 My cat sweater for winter stinks! Those ghouls! I'll get them!
 Look at my beautiful smile. "Pay attention to me!"
 I don't think cats stare into the distance. 
 after... "I looked cooler before." :(
 "I'm giving myself a licked bathhhh.."
 "My expressions." 
 "Ok....What?!" >.<
 "My outfit is better!" 
 "Hey, cats climb trees. Plus....I like it up here." :P 
Hello, I'm Torlei....
 "Hey girl! Come be mean and deviled with me."

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