Friday, October 18, 2013

Mad Scientist Herself!

Her Own Self

Rebecca flew up to the ceiling.
"I love my rocket boots!" She said.
"I want to fly, too." someone said. Rebecca looked down. The ghoul was looking at the ground and sniffling.
"I can help you fly.....I can build YOU some rocket boots too, if you would like. Well I can try." Rebecca said with a smile. The ghoul looked up.
"Really?! You would do that for me?" She asked.
"Yea. I really would." Rebecca said. Rebecca flew down to the ground. "I'm Rebecca, by the way."
"I'm Catrine." Catrine said.
"Okay...nice to meet you. Ok let's make a list of what we need." Rebecca pulled out a piece of paper. "We will need your shoes, helium, water and a motor." Before Catrine could say anything, Rebecca pulled Catrine to the robotics room. "Here's where we get the motor."
"What motor?" The teacher looked up from the clipboard.
"Umm,a motor for a project. We need two of them." Rebecca said.
"Okay. I have many extras. Take all you want or need." he said.
"Thanks." Catrine's grin grew big as she held the motors in her arms.
"Let's go to the science room for the other stuff." Rebecca said.
"Okay." Catrine replied. The two ghouls walked the huge hallways to the classroom. The walked in the door.
"It's the teacher's 'off' period." Rebecca said as she grabbed a tube of helium. "Add helium then water for the rocket boost. But you will have to fill them almost daily. You will only need to add water. I'll add a gas meter so you can tell when it's out of water. Then the other meter is for helium. Okay?"
"Uhhh..........okay." Catrine said. Rebecca started to fiddle with the parts. She took off one of her boots and put it on the table.
"Ahhh!!!!That's your foot!" Catrine said as she looked at Rebecca's feet then at the table. Back and forth.
"I'm studying it." Rebecca said.
"I know, but it's creepy!" Catrine said.
"Do you want rocket boots or not." Rebecca asked.
"Okay...I do. I'll shut up, now." Catrine looked at the ground.
"Good choice." Rebecca said.
It was about an hour later, when Rebecca said, "There! They are done." Catrine slipped them on her feet.
"Oh! Thank you!" She said as she flied away.
"Your welcome!" Rebecca said.
She followed Catrine with her boots.

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