Saturday, October 12, 2013

Come back her, Cleo!!

The Chase

Cleo and Neferra walked up to the community pool. Only to find that the pool was filled with monsters and ghouls.
"I don't like this. I don't like it one bit." Neferra tried to drag Cleo away.
"No. I want to stay." Cleo pushed her sister's arms away from her.
Cleo ran the jumped into the water. She swam to the deeper end of the pool, where is was less crowded but still a little crowded.
"Cleo! We are going! We have a great pool at HOME! Now come!" Neferra yelled at her little sister. At that remark, Cleo shook her head.
"Not going to happen, Neferra." Cleo said.  Neferra walked over to Cleo who was at the side of the pool. She picked Cleo up.
"PUT ME DOWN!" Cleo slapped Neferra. Neferra still would not let go. Cleo tried putting up a fight. But Neferra was winning the fight. "I hate you." Cleo said. With that Neferra dropped Cleo and slapped her. Cleo quickly got up and ran back to the pool.
Neferra thought If she's already in the pool, why don't I surprise her by jumping off the diving board then drag her home? So Neferra walked to the line for the diving board. She tried to spot Cleo. Cleo was all the way across the pool. 1 splash after another. The line moved forward. Neferra was 5 spots away from the diving board. Finally, Neferra was there. Cleo had spotted Neferra on the diving bored. Cleo swam away. Neferra gracefully dived in after her sister. She chased Cleo all over the pool. Neferra ran into Draculaura in the path to catching Cleo.
"Hello, Neferra. How's your day been?" Draculaura asked.
"No time to talk, gotta catch Cleo." Neferra said, pushing Draculaura out of her way. Cleo had already gotten out of the pool and hid herself when Neferra was talking to Draculaura.
Neferra raced into the bathroom. She checked the feet of everyone in the stalls. But one stall was locked and had no feet.
"Cleo?" Neferra asked. Cleo was in a shower instead of the stall. Another ghoul was in that stall. Cleo raced out of the bathroom. Neferra saw Cleo out of the corner of her eye and raced after her. Cleo was darting around corners and walls.
"Can't catch me!" Cleo called.
Neferra was steaming mad with Cleo, now. Cleo ran around the pool. Of course, Neferra followed. Cleo swam across the pool.
Cleo then darted out the gate of the pool and was runing down the street back home. Cleo darted in the door and ran to her room. Five minutes later, Cleo's door swung open. Cleo was hiding. Neferra checked every possible place that Cleo could hide. But Cleo wasn't in her room. Neferra ran down the hall.
"Come out, come out, where ever you are." Neferra yelled. There still was no sign of Cleo. Neferra ran all over the house looking for Cleo. Cleo was sitting in her closet when Neferra finally found her.
"Hahaha! Found you!." Neferra was panting. "I must have forgot to check in the closets when I was looking for you."
"Yea. I was here the whole time!" Cleo stuck her tongue out.
"Oooh! I'll get you!" Neferra stormed off.

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