Friday, October 11, 2013


Pooling Around

Torlei walked up to the school. Meowlody and Purrsephone right  behind her.
"A new day, a new plan." Torlei said to her sisters.
Lots of Ghouls walking past the 3 cats. They would say stuff like "Scat cats!" and "Ewww! Cats are so mean." The cats would NOT scat.
"We have a job to do at this school and we are gonna do it!" Meowlody said while clutching her fist.
"I agree." Purrsephone said.
The trio of cats walked to home room.
"I want a different home room!" Torlei slammed her fists against the desk. Cleo passed out flyers.
"Party at my place, after school! Bring a swimsuit, there's gonna be a pool!" Cleo said. Everyone cheered.
"We are gonna TRY to ruin that pool party!" Torlei said to her sisters.
"Okay. Welcome to ghoul." The teacher said. "Draculaura?"
"Frankie Stein?" The teacher asked.
"Over here!"
"Lagoona Blue?"
"She has a swim meet, but she'll be late." Frankie said.
"Ok. Lagoona is late. Ghoulia Yelps?" she asked.
"Cleo De Nile?" the teacher asked.  Cleo waving her hands rapidly in the air. "Okay. Clawdeen Wolf?"
"Rebecca Steam?" she asked.
"Not here." Everyone giggled.
"Venus McFlytrap." the teacher asked.  A plant growing higher into the air. "Catrine DeMew?" Catrine's tail waving itself in the air for Catrine. "Torlei?"
"I'm always here."
"C.A. Cupid?"
"Howlenn Wolf?"
"Deuce Gorgon?"
Lagoona ran in. "I'm here! Sorry, I change pretty slow."
Everyone rusehed out of the room, pushing and shoving each other. Lagoona fell to the floor. Everyone almost trampled her. Clawdeen stayed back.
"Oh, Lagoona! Are you okay?" Clawdeen asked.
"I tttthink so." Lagoona said as she rubbed her head.
Clawdeen helped Lagoona to the nurse.
"Clawdeen.......Why are we HERE? Is something wrong with you?" Lagoona asked.
"No. We are here for you, Lagoona. You were need medical attention." Clawdeen said.
"Anything but that!" Lagoona's teeth we chattering.
"Okay, fine." Clawdeen said then left.
Lagoona was alone until the party after school.
>.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<  >.<
Ghoul was finally out. Everyone in home room was head towards Cleo's house. Since Cleo was rich, she had a huge house and a huge pool. Cleo opened the gate.
"Welcome, everyone! Glad you all could come!" Cleo said with a smiling face. After Cleo moved out of the way to the entrance, everyone stormed in. Almost everyone jumped in the pool after claiming a tanning spot. Cleo had her designer swimsuit on. The other ghouls had not exactly fancy swimsuits but swim suits to fit their personalities. Like Torlei wore a orange swimsuit with black tiger stripes. Lagoona wore a swimsuit with fish scales. Draculaura wore a swimsuit with pink bats all over it. The main color was black. Ghoulia wore a swimsuit that had brains all over it. Frankie wore a swimsuit that had stitches all over it. Clawdeen wore a swimsuit that had fangs on it. Meowlody wore a white swimsuit. Purrsephone wore a black swimsuit. C.A. wore a swimsuit with valentine's on it. Neferra wore a swimsuit that had mummy wrappings on it. Howleen's swimsuit had a full moon on it. Deuce's swimsuit had green on it. Holt's swimsuit had fire on it. Venus' had plants all over it. Catrine's had cat ears all over it. Rebecca's had bolts all over it.
The girls and boys decided to play tag. Everyone yelled, "NOT IT!" except C.A.
"Am I it?" C.A. asked. Everyone nodded their heads. "Poo." C.A. swam around the pool trying to tag someone, when Torlei grabbed C.A. by the back of her swimsuit. Torlei lifted C.A. out of the water.
"A monster can do better than that!" Torlei said.
"Torlei! It's for fun!" Cleo shouted from her tanning spot.
"So.....?" Torlei asked.
Cleo was getting up. She walked up behind Torlei. Cleo was angry.
"Kitties hate water." Cleo said. With that said. Cleo pushed Torlei into the deep end of the pool.
"Help!!!! Meowlody! Purrsephone!" Torlei said while gasping for air. Meowlody and Purrsephone ran to Torlei. The 2 sister helped Torlei out of the water. They set Torlei down. Torlei was panting for air. Cleo stood at Torlei. Cleo pushed the 3 cats into the water. Torlei was pushed into the water by Cleo's feet, while Meowlody and Purrsephone was pushed by Cleo's hands.
The 3 cats yelled and gasped for air.
"Help!!!!!!! Helppppp!!!!!!!!" They yelled.
Torlei managed to climb out of the water. She pulled her sisters out.
They walked out of the backyard.
"That was a plan gone wrong." Torlei said.
The 3 cats walked on home while thinking of the gone wrong plan.

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